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Alpha brings customers & businesses in a local area together to
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Bring your business to life and connect with
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Search for product/service providers in your area or list
your business on Alpha to connect to thousands of
customers around you.

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Save products/services for later into organised folders &
come back to them when you’re ready for purchase.

Live Chat

A line of communicaton is always open for you to make
inquiries if you’re a customer or provide a response if
you’re a vendor.

Why Choose Us?

We're A Bridge

Alpha connects thousands of businesses to
thousands of customers in Africa to do business,


Alpha hosts different kinds of businesses in
different industries and gives people options that
are close to them

Create. Manage

Get the most out of the Alpha experience with a
vendor or customer profile, whether you’re buying
or selling.

Customer Support

Reach out to our customer support via email to
lodge any complaints or to make an inquiry.

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I am having difficulty claiming my business what should I do?

Send us a detailed email to

How can I list my business?

As a representative of your property, it's easy - and free - to get your business listed on Alpha!. All you have to do is share a few details, like business name, website link (optional) and address so members can find you. Start now by downloading the Alpha App from your App store or Play store.

How do I write a review?

Posting a review on Alpha is very easy! You can do it in a few different ways:

From a business page, click on the “Write a Review” button. From the homepage or your profile page, select “Write Review” Use the format [Place name] [Location] for best results. If you cannot find the place you are looking for, click the “Add business” to add that business. Your review will immediately appear in your profile page and the business page.

Can I edit my review?

Once you have submitted your review, it cannot be edited. You are advice to crosscheck your review before posting it.

What should I include in my review?

The best reviews are passionate and personal. They offer a rich narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers. Describe why you’ll be using this service (plumber, caterer, contractor, etc.) again for your next project.

Can I remove my business page from Alpha?

Alpha publishes business information so that consumers can share their experiences about local businesses, and because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern. Therefore we don’t remove such information from the App.

If your business is permanently or temporarily closed, please let us know by reporting it.

Is Alpha responsible for content posted by its users?

We do our best to foster a community of users who post helpful, relevant, and reliable content, but users are ultimately responsible for the things they post on alpha. If you have questions about a specific photo or review, you should report it for evaluation and consider reaching out to the person who posted it.

Built for businesses of any shape or size, with the end consumer in mind.

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